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Linda is a woman leader in action. A front-line humanitarian aid worker whose experience of life and near-death has given her a unique insight into the human psyche.

Linda Cruse Professional SpeakerMeeting Linda comes with a strong warning. At best, you’ll be inspired however you may just find yourself filled with a new found energy – ready to leap over tall buildings.

Using powerful images and thought provoking messages, Linda inspires people to take action by drawing analogies between her experiences and their situations. Her presentations are delivered with passion and energy, so that audience leave feeling they can achieve things they did not imagine were possible.

By the end delegates have the tools, courage and passion to manifest their greatest desires to live a happy life.

Both presentations and seminars are bespoke, ranging from one hour to a weekend retreat.

Please contact AnneMarie Martins at email: annemarie@ annemariemartins.com Ph: +1 617 240 1494

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See Linda in action:

Linda’s signature keynote & seminar

Marmalade, Magic and Machine Guns

Linda’s signature keynote that weaves in stories from her 15 year frontline experiences from all over the world. Daring escapades of living life on the edge as a humanitarian aid worker. Linda’s stories of adventures and misadventures, courage and care, takes you from tears to laughter inspiring you to do more, to think harder and to find your own passion and purpose. Linda also shares frontline strategies for building personal happiness and resilience.

The presentation includes a personal story of her ‘wake up’ call from stressed out and temporarily blind to expert international aid worker and public figure and an 8 minute inspirational movie shot on the frontline.

Emergency Zen: Developing Resilience through Passion, Purpose and Playfulness

 We live in a world which fast becoming volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous due to a variety of factors such as disruptive technological innovations, increasing global competition, natural and man-made crises.

This calls for periodically taking stock of where you are and where you want to go. More importantly, it calls for getting in touch with your emotional health, well-being and resilience. This workshop is aimed at individuals and organisations who are ready to engage in personal and group transformation and wish to develop a high performing, flexible workforce resilient through change.

It offers a framework, insights, tools and interactive experiences to help participants take practical steps of change. While the insights and tools are based on research and science, the workshop is designed to be practical and fun.

Attendees develop tools and techniques to support their personal resilience through times of stress, challenge and change· Attendees feel better equipped to cope with stress, challenging situations and change so that they can lead happier and healthier lives.

Contact Linda to discuss your requirements and outcomes.